Takeover giants gave us the Great Meltdown of 2008. They’re called “zombies.” But the true zombies are the taxpayers who shovel them bailout billions and never demand that they be broken back to size.

Praise for The Acquisitors as originally published before the Great Meltdown:

This book is a real cops and robbers thriller with a twist. The robbers win. The author allows the corporate leaders’ own words to hang them.
— Management Advisor: Institute of Certified Public Accountants

As a counsel to the House Judiciary Committee the author became convinced that big business is putting itself beyond the reach of the law. Using its documents he asserts: A corporation becomes so big a penalty against it is a penalty against the nation.
— Forbes

With all the coporate and regulatory horrors dredged up in this book and no effort by Congress to remedy them, perhaps Mr. Winslow will consider a sequel.
— Peter C. Ward, Assistant Director,
Federal Trade Commission, The Antitrust Bulletin

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